Meet our Team

We are experienced, skillful, and qualified individuals that are dedicated to our pursuit of quality craftsmanship

Ben Fry is the founding Principal at Fry Construction and brings over 40 years of experience in the medical construction industry. Since the company’s inception in 1984, Ben’s collaborative approach to design and construction has made his firm an industry leader in the areas of medical imaging and oncology treatment facilities. He oversees all construction, business development, and project management for Fry Construction while maintaining a team first approach to design/build strategies. Ben is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Benton W. Fry


As strategic partner and co-founder, Cynthia has more than three decades of experience in the construction industry. Her many responsibilities include business development, construction estimating, material procurement, contracts, insurance, legal, accounting, bookkeeping and human resources. Cynthia’s connection with the project team reflects a sustained commitment to servicing clients focused on generating thoughtful solutions. Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Methodist University.

Cynthia Fry

Chief Executive Officer

As the team leader for Design and Construction at Fry Construction since 2009, Kyle’s role is to create connections with the client, explore architectural solutions, and transform challenges into successful design/build projects. He recognizes the importance of team alliance, the driving factors of design, the collaboration of meaningful interaction with team members, and careful attention to construction and architectural integration. Kyle has specialized in healthcare architecture and construction since 1996 and is a member of the Texas Society of Architects, American Institute of Architects (AIA) and NCARB. He is a licensed and registered Architect in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Kyle earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Texas Tech University College of Architecture Design.

Kyle Markee

Vice President

As Vice President of Operations, Nick explores solutions to find the patterns and rhythms that work together to create a unified, coordinated, and efficient construction process. Connection and correspondence with the client, meaningful interaction with subcontractors, and supporting jobsite staff, are integral parts to successful medical imaging construction. Nick leverages his experience to support his clients and develop cost analyzed solutions for each project. Nick joined Fry Construction in 2000. His relationships, interaction, and integration with the equipment vendors, project managers, and clients are driving factors to high quality medical imaging and oncology projects.

Nick Kiel

Vice President of Operations

Christy is the Vice President of Project Management at Fry Construction. Since 2010, her expertise in forming and creating client experiences, determining creative design and problem-solving resolutions, and creating a link between all team players sets the standard for results-based projects. Her attention to detail and commitment to project goals has resulted in the efficiency of practical, creative solutions. She leads her team in an environment where the team can develop functional proposals based on construction management, professional experience, and leadership. Christy earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology and Construction Management with a minor in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.

Christina Fry Cobb

Vice President of Project Management

As Vice President of Business Development, Matt directs pre-construction site coordination, identifies equipment implementation and facility challenges, and initiates customer relations with the medical imaging team. His role utilizes the latest technology to improve the flow of communication, enhance accuracy, and deliver an exceptional client experience. Prior to his role as VP of Business Development, Matt spent several years project estimating, running construction and managing crews in the medical facilities. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Communication, Public Affairs/Markets & Culture, and a minor in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

Matthew W. Fry

Vice President of Business Development

As Director of Project Management at Fry Construction, Ernest’s role allows him to share his skills in organization, project management, estimating, metrics and strategy management, and strategic planning. Ernest’s experience in project coordination, sales, and interpersonal communication lead to his role of Management Director. Ernest’s expertise has proven to be invaluable as Fry Construction continues to strengthen its reputation as a premier general contractor in the medical construction field.

Ernest Carrasco

Director of Project Management

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