Holdenville General Hospital


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the excellent job your company completed in our hospital. James Mullican was our job superintendent for the duration of our MRI project and also served as our superintendent for a shower remodel that started after the MRI room was completed. Both projects were far beyond my expectations in quality and workmanship.

Every contractor and sub-contractor on the job demonstrated the highest level of expertise and professionalism while in the facility. The hospital staff commented regularly on the projects about how nice everyone was and the quality of work performed. James always made sure all infection control was followed. James also made sure all contractors knew about the policies and procedures that affected the workers were communicated and followed.

The MRI construction was quoted at a price that met our budget and that budget number was not exceeded. The remodel faced some significant obstacles that were unforeseeable in the beginning, but at no time was there ever a change order presented to the facility. The changes made to the room insured a quality result and that was the primary focus of Fry's from the beginning. There was never a time when the integrity ofthe project was put second to a change order or cost. I have never been more pleased with a construction project in my many years as an Administrative Director. The MRI suite was amazing to watch from start to finish and the attention to detail to things that will never be seen was remarkable.

The MRI vendor remarked several times that at no other time had a room been to that level of completion at the time of the MRI delivery. Every single item requested by the vendor was in place and ready for connection. I took for granted that this was provided at every install, but the vendor's project manager said this was truly an exception and an absolute pleasure working with Fry's. I have no doubt that any other general contractor would have fallen well short of the impressive result delivered by James Mullican, Nick Kiel, and Fry Construction.

Please accept this letter as my resounding thanks and highest level of recommendation for Fry Construction.Sincerely,

Audrey Rusin
Facility Administrator
American Health Imaging of Austin