Ramic Medical Imaging

To: Fry Construction / Ben Fry
Re: RAMIC Construction Expectations/Jimmy Stevens


I wanted to write a letter specifically to acknowledge the hard work and attention to detail that Jimmy Stevens provided me and my company throughout the construction process. When starting a build with most companies and superintendants, the immediate questions that come to mind typically surround communication, attention to detail and construction delays.

Shortly after the project started, Jimmy started the process of eliminating concern. Jimmy’s communication skills are outstanding. There were never issues of wondering if decisions were being made on my behalf, as he was always willing to pick up the phone and call – yet not be a nuisance in the process. His focus on a weekly construction report kept me and the other owners aware of the construction process and allowed us to adjust our timing and marketing efforts in a synergistic manner, thus saving us time, money and frustration.

Jimmy also took the time to make sure that all aspects of the build process met our expectations. Any time there was a question regarding quality, design, additions or changes, he ensured that we understood the impact of the decisions as well as how it would impact the overall timeframe and pricing. Building management and ownership also recognized Jimmy (and Fry Construction) during a tenant meeting to ensure that everyone understood that how the project was managed should serve as an example for other tenant construction projects.

As for the timing of the project....I could not have been happier!! Thanks to Jimmy’s focus on timing and ability to coordinate the construction project, we finished the process 30% sooner than expected. This allowed us to focus our efforts on developing/finalizing marketing, branding, in- house operations, etc.

Again, I would like to recognize both Jimmy and Fry Construction you’re his/your efforts. Thank you,

Rocky Vig
CEO/Managing Member
RAMIC Fort Worth, LLC