Preferred Imaging

December 17, 2O12


While l've come to expect nothing less from you and your team, I wanted to reach out and let you know what a pleasurable experience the Ft. Worth project has been. From the design phase, working with you and Kyle, through its completion, it was a nearly seamless process. What l found to be extremely impressive, as it was my first time working directly with him, was Jimmy's willingness to repeatedly go above and beyond for us. He accepted and tracked down furniture on numerous occasions, waited several late nights for the power company , and kept us in the loop on their progress among, countless other things. While at this point, as I would with you, your brother, and Kyle, l'd consider Jimmy a friend, however he never lost sight of the client-work relationship. We owe him a great many thanks, as we feel the ease in which everything came together was in large part due to Jimmy Steven's dedication and precision. We're looking forward to our next project with you.

Michael Luckey
Director of Business Developmen