Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery

September 27th, 2012

Dear Mr. Fry

I wanted to take a moment to commend you and your team on our successful MRI 3T addition at THCDS. The project was completed in a timely and professional manner. Major construction in a hospital setting can be detrimental to daily operations. The great attention to detail by Tim McCoy and his crew, provided for a smooth running project.

During the bidding process I reached out to many peers at other hospitals and various construction vendors. Numerous times I heard people say “use Fry Construction, they will keep you out of trouble”. I had not used Fry construction prior so I was a little hesitant to believe the hype. Now that the project has been completed on time and under budget, I can confirm the positive press.

The quality of Fry Construction resources is impressive. Starting with Tim McCoy the construction project foreman, his diligence and competency ensured success. He spent the time necessary to learn our environment and he built positive relationships throughout the facility. Those accomplishments kept the project from having a negative impact to our ongoing daily patient care environment. Tim was also helpful explaining options and resolving issues before they were even noticed. I appreciated and learned from Tim’s experience and knowledge in the MR and healthcare/medical related construction field.

James Mullican was also a great asset to the project, his talent and positive attitude reflect well on Fry construction. The quality of the sub-contractors was excellent; Kyle Markee and the design/engineering group, Scott Dell Electric, Lindgren and Henna Plumbing etc. did a great job. They were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we received the results we desired.

Some vendors hand off key job assignments with limited over sight. I noted that during our project, a Fry construction resource was assigned to work side by side with sub-contractors on key parts of the project such as the shielding scope of work.  I believe this is an excellent practice to control costs, guarantee quality due to direct participation and also increase the expertise of the Fry construction team.

It's been a pleasure completing our MRI 3T installation project with Fry construction.  I would highly recommend Fry Construction to any entity, in any industry, because of the quality of craftsmanship and your extremely professional staff.  
Randy Hostettler
Facilities Management Director
Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery
6020 W Parker, Plano Texas 75093