Plano Radiology Center

I wanted to take a minute to write a letter thanking you for the fabulous job you did on our new facility, Plano Radiology Center. I had heard that you were the best in town, and even though your initial bid was somewhat higher than the others, you were more than willing to come up with a number of cost-saving ideas for my center that ultimately brought the bid into a completely competitive range, without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, the construction time (three and a half months for a 5,000 square foot center including MRI, CT and fluoro) was so fast and so mistake-free that we saved money by opening earlier, and with almost no change orders or price markups. It was obvious that your slightly higher initial bid was due in part to “truth in advertising”, since you submitted realistic bids for high-end electrical and other requirements, and because you have a higher-quality in house staff for many of your needs.
Your construction foreman, Jim, was unfailingly polite and incredibly professional, fixing things without being asked and always doing it the way we wanted it done. All the crew were fast and precise, and if was the cleanest construction site I have ever seen. I only wish you have been there to build my house, since the quality of the cabinetry and other supplies was higher than that in my own home. If I ever build another center I will call you first.

Kendall Jones, M.D.