Children's Medical Center

Working with you and your team during the past several years has been very beneficial and rewarding. As with most projects in a hospital, they are planned for long periods of time and then expected to be built out virtually over night. Your company has always been able to meet the deadlines of tight schedules, and the demands of numerous medical personnel on the job, while still performing the construction in a very professional and courteous manner, and turn out exemplary workmanship in your projects.

At Children's Medical Center our patients have always been our primary concern and Fry Construction continued to follow our lead by making the work areas clean, debris and dust free, by using tedious infection control measures to maintain our high standards for clean construction areas. Your crews are very knowledgeable and bring years of experience to their trades and yet they are always very courteous and appreciative of the people they are working with and around.

Over the past years Fry Construction has done several projects for me in the Radiology department and have met their schedules for completion and stayed within the approved budgets.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your people and I can honestly recommend you to any future customer on the basis of my experience working with you.

Rhonda Andrus
Project Director
Children's Medical Center