Lindgren RF Enclosures

Re: Fry Construction

Lindgren RF Enclosures, the largest supplier of MRI Shielding in the world, has dealt with an array of contractors & builders nationwide. Over the course of the past 13 years Lindgren has completed in excess of 100 successful MRI projects with Fry Construction. Fry Construction maintains a reputation of Honesty, Quality, and Integrity. Their vast experience with MRI construction ensures that all of Fry’s projects are completed on time. We know when we start a project with Fry Construction it has been well coordinated and will stay on track to completion.

Our association with Fry Construction over the years has been most rewarding and Lindgren is proud to recommend Fry Construction to any new customer or any of our thousands of previous customers.


Jay Clark
National Sales Manager
Lindgren RF Enclosures