Caffey Architecture

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the exceptional service that I and others have received from Fry Construction, Inc. My firm has worked with Fry Construction as a consultant, as a client, and as a design-build team for over two years and has had the satisfaction of realizing up to thirty successful projects during that time.

When working on projects with Fry Construction, I am secure in knowing that the project will always be completed with quality and accuracy and will always be completed on time and within budget. Fry Construction has never closed out a project without being confident that all of the client’s expectations are met and that all work has been finished per the designer’s specifications. The key to Fry’s successful relationship with consultants as well as clients has been their honesty and consistent workmanship; a client knows exactly what to expect from Fry.

It is no wonder that Fry Construction’s services are in such high demand and that clients return to them knowing that their projects will once again receive the personal attention of all of the members of the Fry Construction team.


Laura Caffey, AIA