Wiginton Hooker Jeffry

With a close working history of more than 50 projects over six years, Wiginton Hooker Jeffry Architects continues a professional relationship with Fry Construction Company. Our respect for Fry is built on our personal experience with Ben Fry and the highly specialized personnel and sub-contractors he has assembled and trained to provide top quality service and construction to the Healthcare market especially focused on medical imaging and technology.

In our experience with Fry they maintain a cutting edge knowledge of the wide variety of imaging technologies, manufacturer differences and construction techniques unique to the successful construction of the spaces used for medical imaging. These highly technological spaces demand extensive coordination of multiple trades, products and schedules. Fry Construction maintains high personal involvement in project development to assure Client orientation and satisfaction.

Wiginton Hooker Jeffry continues our healthcare design relationship with Fry Construction because of the high quality of service and construction they provide for the medical imaging needs of Healthcare providers.


Wiginton Hooker Jeffry, PC

Walter T. Curry, AIA,ACHA