Toshiba America Medical Systems

I am sending you this memo to thank you for all the construction projects that we have been through over the years. You have been involved with several Toshiba turnkey projects and several projects where you had a previous relationship with the customer. Fry Construction has taken the worry and concern out of the construction process. You have always made Toshiba look our best because of your overall commitment to be the best at what you do.

All of your project managers have the Fry Construction attitude. That attitude is do the project right the first time, show respect to everyone involved and bring the project in under the expected construction time line. All my customers have told me how impressed they were with the quality and speed of the construction projects. I have heard on more than one occasion after a project is finished that Fry Construction is the only company that this customer will ever use in the future. That is your best testimonial.

Fry Construction has helped Toshiba with overall customer satisfaction by providing the best site environment for our medical imaging equipment to work in.

You are the best in the your business at medical imaging renovation and construction. I will alwas recommend Fry Construction to anyone without hesitation.

Thanks again,

David L. Painter
Regional Installation Coordinator
Toshiba America Medical Systems