Braden Shielding Systems

July 1, 2003

Mr. Ben Fry
Fry Construction Company, Inc.
3212 Commander Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we at Braden Shielding Systems appreciate having your company as a customer.

I have been in the shielding business for over 16 years and it is a pleasure doing business with your firm. Your professionalism, knowledge of the industry and a dedication to perfection make it a real pleasure when we get the chance to work with you.

Having worked with your firm since the mid 1980’s we at Braden Shielding Systems know when we work with Fry Construction the customer will be completely satisfied with the entire project.

In addition to dedication to your customers it is nice to know that all of your sub-contractors are treated fairly and part of the team. It make us elevate our performance to match your on time with-in budget requirements.

Again thank you for allowing Braden Shielding Systems to participate in your projects and we look forward to continuing to provide you and your customers quality shielding solutions for many years to come.


Tom Foyil
President & CEO
Braden Shielding Systems