Government Projects

A Growing Presence in VA/Government Projects

As a company that is proud to count a number of veterans among our employee ranks, Fry Construction takes a personal interest in the quality of construction of VA hospitals and other military facilities. Our government business has doubled since 2011, and we value the relationships we’ve established with construction teams within the VA over the years. Our list of successful government projects now numbers well into the hundreds.

Evolving to Meet Changing Needs

In our early years, Fry Construction specialized primarily in medical office space and imaging construction for MRIs, CTs, X-Rays and Surgery Centers. As imaging requirements continue to evolve, so do our offerings and opportunities in the government sector. Fry Construction routinely constructs complex projects in the ongoing fight against cancer.

Serving a Variety of Government Entities

Our government work encompasses construction projects for VA hospitals, military bases and federal facilities, with emphasis on a variety of modalities and facilities ranging from specialized Imaging Suites to comprehensive Cancer Treatment Centers.