Experienced Contractor in Medical Construction

Just as patients seek out medical specialists for their deep understanding of a particular field, clients also select Fry Construction for our consulting expertise in the construction of medical facilities.

Fry Construction has specialized in medical construction since 1984. We are unique in the sector in that we have combined extensive knowledge of medical imaging, radiotherapy and surgical center construction.

Industry Knowledge and Specialized Skill

By focusing on our core business in this highly specialized sector of the medical field, Fry Construction has built a broad knowledge base of the equipment specifications and construction requirements that are so important to the success of these projects.

That experience and specialization provides equipment manufacturers, medical facilities and physicians the assurance that Fry Construction understands the sophisticated demands of every medical project.

Your next medical project may benefit from that knowledge and experience by emailing Bruce. to begin the free consultation process or call (214) 334-3726.


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